(TRT: 11 mins 35 secs)

After a car accident, a skeptical New Yorker must call for help on a mysterious pay phone. He dials ‘information’ and in a twist of fate, gets much more.

Geoffrey Cantor (Daredevil, Hail Caesar!) plays the lead, Arthur.
F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus, The Grand Budapest Hotel) is the voice of Information.
Mia Barron (Blue Bloods, Grey's Anatomy) plays Laurel, opposite Geoffrey.

Directed by Oliver Power
Written by Rick Rosenberg and Oliver Power
Produced by Tom Brown

After a successful Indiegogo campaign - we were the #1 film project on Indiegogo - 411 premiered at the 2015 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

For more details on our cast and crew, please take a look at the imdb page.