Catch Me If You Can

This broadcast spot was created to promote the hit Broadway musical Catch Me If You Can.

Working with an intriguing concept from the agency and a great song from the show, I came up with a treatment where the lead actor (Aaron Tveit) and his co-stars perform their dance number from the wing of an airplane. The show’s producers loved the idea - just as long as we could pull it off within their budget.

After lots of planning, assembling a fantastic crew, and working with the best choreographers and dancers in the business, we were ready to go. We shot everything on a green screen stage, then modeled the airplane in 3D and finally tracked and composited all the talent into the scene.

Not only were the clients and agency thrilled with the results, but the spot went on to win several Telly Awards.


Catch Me If You Can
Creative Director
Tom Greenwald
Agency Producer
Mark Rheault
Oliver Power
Director of Photography
Pete Konczal, ASC
Jerry Mitchell and Nick Kenkel


Production Company
Sweet Sadie
Exec Producer
Rachel Lederman
Line Producer
Will Tatum
Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
Asst. Editor
Jonathan Pulley