Green Dot Schools - Next Great American

Green Dot Schools - a renowned national public school system - wanted to tell a story that would inspire their students and students to be. They came up with the intriguing concept of the ‘Next Great American’. This idea was born of the notion that every great American figure started off as any other child in elementary school.

One such example is Evelyn Granville. In the early 1960's, she made history with her contributions to the NASA program, as seen in the film 'Hidden Figures'. Clearly, she is a great American.

Thus the call to action for GreenDot students: who will the ‘Next Great American’ be?

Green Dot Schools
Creative Director
Douglas Weston
Production Company
Oliver Power

Jen Enfield-Kane
Director of Photography
Milton Santiago
Production Design
Amelia Steeley
Patrick Estrada
Music Composed By