Director / DP / Editor: Oliver Power
Digital Agency: Imagery
Creative Director: Kensuke Moriyasu
Driver: Hirofumi Otsuka

This was shot in and around the Tokyo area, specifically Shinjuku, Shibuya and the 'Aqua Line' - a 14km long tunnel running under Tokyo Bay. It would have been impossible to shoot in these locations within our schedule had we shot on 35mm film, yet we needed the lowlight ability of film so shooting HD wasn't an option either.

I thought that perhaps if we shot everything as digital stills we could use much smaller cameras that could be mounted directly to the car, then we could work quickly and without having to shut down whole roads.

In order to accomplish this the entire spot was shot using hi-res still images shot at approximately 5 frames per second. These frames were assembled afterwards in post as image sequences to create the 'illusion' of motion.