Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of face painting, this video project evolved as a creative collaboration between myself, photographer Shinichi Maruyama, and talented composer / songwriter Johnny Green. The title refers to the Greek word 'oneiro', which translates as 'dream'.
Thank you to the talent and crew who generously put in their time and effort!

Direction/Design: Oliver Power
Music: Johnny Green (feat: Mammals)
Cinematography: Shinichi Maruyama
Exec Producer: Hitoshi Sagaseki
Producer: Mitsu Hagiwara
Geisha: Akiko Chubachi
Dancer/Choreographer: Kana Kimura
Makeup: Satomi Shiroma
Hair: Yusuke Katsuki
Costume Designer: Malisa Masala / Inhouse Atelier
Stylist: Jake / Inhouse Atelier
Gaffer: Tomoya Hara
Lighting Technician: Nodoka Yamagata
DIT: Jackson Notier
Post Production Assistant: Joe Sinopoli
Studio and Production Services: Biwa Studio
Special thank you to J-Collabo!